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    Glassman ToolGlassman Tool

    Glassman Tool

    The Glassmanル wedge, designed for frameless windows, is an essential accessory for any professional. By using built in lexan sheets to create a sleeve, the wedge doubles as a place to place your long reach tool. Since it requires less space to insert the tool, there is less chance that a window can explode because the pressure is being spread evenly over wider, flatter area. If you were to attempt to do this with an air wedge, you would be bowing the glass in a curve, with a possible chance of damage.

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    Grooved Wedge 161

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    Truck WedgeTruck Wedge

    Truck Wedge

    A wedge designed specially for opening trucks or any larger vehicle. Dual purpose wedge Durable construction Ribbed design provides extra strength Stronger than the average solid wedge, the truck wedge features a flat surface on one side with an angled surface on the other that allows for maximum space allowance when working in a tight door. This dual purpose makes the truck wedge twice as valuable on the job.

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    Wedgee With Integrated Strip SaversWedgee With Integrated Strip Savers

    Wedgee With Integrated Strip Savers

    Car opening professionals often misplace their Strip Savers because they are small and easy to lose track of, however they are one of the most valuable pieces in any complete kit. This tool features our best selling Wedgee Wedge with Strip Savers attached so that they are never misplaced. Includes: Wedgee Wedge, StripSavers. Features: Never lose your strip savers again if they are chained to your wedgee wedge. Curved shape Quick and easy insertion Bypass window sash Goes where other wedges can’t

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