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    Value Complete Car Opening SetValue Complete Car Opening Set

    Value Complete Car Opening Set

    This 23 piece car opening set is a great starter set for the budget conscious. 23 piece complete kit 1979-Current Year 800-Pages Car Opening Manual High quality in-the-door tools The Access Tools Value Set includes the most common in-the-door metal tools plus additional accessories used to open vehicles. Included with the in-the-door tools in this kit is the number 120 sterling tool. All of the in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. The value Complete Set is the perfect set for the budget conscious professional who would like a Complete Set of tools for any lockout scenario. Includes: 8 Basic Chrome Tools With Sure Grip Handles, 5 Advanced Chrome Tools, 2011-2012 Car Opening Manual For Auto And Heavy Truck, Flexible Long Reach Tool, Wedgee Wedge, Strip Savers, Strip Tool, Flat Bar, Copper Loop Tool, Power Grip Tip Set, Heavy Duty 30 Inch Soft Case.

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    Value One Hand Jack SetValue One Hand Jack Set

    Value One Hand Jack Set

    This top selling long reach kit will open most cars with speed and accuracy Designed for all vehicles Comes with Quick DVD Scratch-proof coating The Value One Hand Jack Set is one of our most popular selling products. It is designed to include the essentials needed to get into most vehicles quickly and effectively. The Shielded Quick Max Long Reach tool features a Store-N-Go handle for storage of extra tips. The Air Wedge tool features an internal stiffener to make insertion easier and to minimize possible damage to the vehicle.

    $84.56 $69.95
  • Valve Stem 13 inch Replacement Hose

    Valve Stem 13 inch Replacement Hose

    $37.99 $29.99
  • Valve Stem 16 inch Replacement Hose

    Valve Stem 16 inch Replacement Hose

    $42.15 $29.99
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    Wedgee With Integrated Strip SaversWedgee With Integrated Strip Savers

    Wedgee With Integrated Strip Savers

    Car opening professionals often misplace their Strip Savers because they are small and easy to lose track of, however they are one of the most valuable pieces in any complete kit. This tool features our best selling Wedgee Wedge with Strip Savers attached so that they are never misplaced. Includes: Wedgee Wedge, StripSavers. Features: Never lose your strip savers again if they are chained to your wedgee wedge. Curved shape Quick and easy insertion Bypass window sash Goes where other wedges can’t

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  • WH

    Aluminum Wheel Chock are extremely light weight & strong. Holds 55,000lbs – 6ヤ x 7ヤ x 12ヤ

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  • Yellow Composite Wheel Chock Set w/ Rope, 9-1/2″ x 6″ x 4″

    Yellow Composite Wheel Chock Set w/ Rope, 9-1/2″ x 6″ x 4″

    $65.99 $49.99