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Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)

Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)

Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)
Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)
Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)
Low Loader Car Carrier (Installed)
Detroit Wrecker
Manufacturer: Detroit Wrecker


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Detailed Description
Great features that only the Low Loader offers:

1.) Winch Hose Pulley System -
Tired of fighting the Winch Hoses when they need to be replaced. Our system offers Easy access, you can change, replace or service in less than an hour. Hoses run on individual pulleys. This feature greatly extends the life of the hose. When the time comes to service them, they are extremely accessible.Total man hrs to change the Winch Hoses are less than an hour.

2.) Stationary Light Bar Pylon/Hydraulic Reservoir
Our Pylon is also our Hydraulic Tank. It's not hidden under the bed. You can always add oil to the system, no matter where the bed is positioned.  A Stationary Pylon is comes Standard.

Bed Wear Pad System - Tired of having to remove your bed to replace your Bed Wear Pads. Our Wear Pads have an estimated life of 10,000 plus cycles! . Bed Wear Pads can be changed in less than an hour, without removing the bed. 

4.) One Piece Control Handles - Lifetime Warranty - Never worry about replacing control handles again. Tired of replacing Control Handles, Rods, Pins & Bushings? Our One Piece System eliminates all linkage between Control Handles. 1 Rod for each function, from the Driver Side to the Passenger Side. No Linkage between Control Handles. 

5.)  All Pins & Bushings - Lifetime Warranty - Every Cylinder & Pivot Point has a Bronze Oil-Lite Bushing. Our Steel Pins will not wear out! Bronze Bushings are installed on our Low Loader Cylinders. That means that, a steel pin will not rub on a steel bushing and wear each other out (like our competitors)! Our units use a Bronze Oil-Lite bushing that sweats oil. It would take 10-15 yrs to wear that bushing out, if you never greased it. If you did use grease. It will last FOREVER! Now who offers you a quality like that?
            Never worry about replacing Bed Pivot Pins again. Shaking the bed back & forth to unload a stubborn vehicle is not needed. Our equipment has a dumping angle of over 40 degrees. That keeps your equipment from being abused. 40 deg dump angle creates an extremely long service life for all major components. 

6.) Bed Lock Free Design - Welcome to the new next generation in Roll Backs. Our Bed does not use or need Bed Locks. Because the Low Loader has a truly independent Wheel Lift mounted to the Truck's Frame. There are no bed locks needed to keep the sub-frame from tilting.  With Check Valves for every functions. You can leave the bed slid back 2-3ft to accommodate longer vehicles or lots of over hang. Remember, longer beds require longer wheel bases and they need more room to turn around. Shorter Beds have more maneuverability. When you have a Longer than average Load. Your Equipment can adjust to your needs. 

The Low Loader is built for the everyday problems a Tow Truck driver encounters. For example, when a Tow Truck operator has to drag a vehicle on the deck. We often see the operator shake the bed, back & forth. In efforts of getting the damaged vehicle off the deck. This destroys the bed pivot pins & bushings. The equipment is simply not built for that. The Low Loader has a dump angle of 40-45 degrees. Our equipment is built for those conditions & situations. Bed Pivot Pins will not receive abuse.There is no more need to shake the bed to get the car off. This makes the Operator faster & does not destroy his equipment.

 Next.. the obvious, load angle of 3.5 degrees. The lowest in the industry today of any American Built Carrier. We have designed the Low Loader to be user friendly for maintenance as well. Winch Hoses, Bed Wear Pads, No Bed Locks, Easy Access Pylon/Oil Tank, Lifetime Warranty on Control Handles, Bed Pivot Pins & Craftsmanship. This is revolutionary to the end user. We feel we have addressed many issues that are currently in this industry & invite you to try our product. We give a 2 year warranty on the equipment & a Lifetime Warranty on Craftsmanship Pins, Bushings. Our goal is simply, build the ultimate Roll Back for the conditions operators face daily & make it Detroit Wrecker Tough!

The Detroit Wrecker Low Loader comes standard with:

  • Installation & Painted Black  (Galvanized New Option add $1750)
  • 19',21' or 24'L - 100" Wide - Steel Deck - Ramsey 8,000lb Worm Gear 34:1 ratio Winch Cable with 3/8" 75' Swivel Hk Cable (10,000lb Winch is optional)
  • Wheel Lift (Rated at 4500lbs Lifting & 10,000lbs Towing
  • Dual Lighted Controls Stations
  • Load Angle 3.5 to 40 degrees. 3 degree loading is optional. Any loading angle is allowed.
  • 8" on Center for Cross Members on Deck (6" is optional)
  • 3/16" Smooth Steel Deck w/ 3/8" Tail Plate
  • All Hydraulic Hoses are Parker "Tough Cover" Part# 451TC
  • LED Light Bar (Whelen Justice 10 Head)
  • LED Light Package on Equipment
  • Tow Lights w/ Cord
  • PTO Hot Shift w/ 11gpm Pump 
  • V-Chain
  • J-Hooks 6' Grade 70 - Pair
  • Ratchets & Straps for Wheel Lift
  • (1) Tool Box 36" - Stainless Steel Door
  • One Piece Control Handles - 1 Rod for each Function, eliminating excessive Linkage & Hardware
  • Superior Bed Wear Pad System - Change the wear pads w/o taking the bed off
  • Winch Hose Pulley System - LL uses the same hose system that a Hi-lo has used for hydraulic hoses for years. Tried and true.
  • Stationary Header Rack w/ Internal Oil Tank
  • Detroit Wrecker Sales is large enough to make a quality product, and still small enough to give personal attention to each customer. You can look the guy in the eye that's building your equipment.



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