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    1" Ratchet1" Ratchet

    1″ Ratchet

    Ratchet strap used for dollys and motorcycle straps

    $25.64 $9.99
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    15Ft Telescoping HD Measuring Stick 9249

    15Ft Telescoping HD Measuring Stick 9249

    $179.99 $139.99
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    2.5" 4 LED Round Marker Light2.5" 4 LED Round Marker Light

    2.5″ 4 LED Round Marker Light

    Comes w/ Grommet & 2 Wire Pig Tail DOT Approved

    $8.99 $4.99
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    2.5" Grommet2.5" Grommet

    2.5″ Grommet

    Flush mounts 2-1/2″ diameter lamps Wide groove for panel thickness up to .250″ Narrow groove for panel thickness up to .125″ Suitable for PC requirements on a 45 degree angle when using LED or incandescent PC rated/combination lamps Closed back versions recommended for open installation where splash plate is not used Replaces Signal-Stat 9119 & 9156

    $1.59 $0.99


About Us

Detroit Wrecker Sales, home of The Little Hercules and The Low Loader. We offer Life-Time Warranty on Craftsmanship, Pins and Bushings, on all the equipment we manufacture. We specialize in wrecker repair and customization. Along with our shop we have a large inventory of everything from light bars to custom made one-of-a-kind parts.

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of towing we know first hand which products work and which products don’t. Don’t be fooled by some guy behind a desk who has never towed. We install all the products we sell and Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always willing to help when you have questions.

Our Signature Products

The Devastator

Detroit Wrecker - Devastator

All New Standard Flatbed - Devastator

The newest creation from the minds of Detroit Wrecker Sales comes the All New Standard Flatbed – The Devastator. With a 9 degree loading angle, a Lifetime Warranty on Pins, Bushings, Craftsmanship, BedLocks, Control Handles and Rods, along with our Detroit Tough manufacturing, the #DWDevastator is poised to take over the Standard Flatbed towing category and bound to be the choice of towing professionals.

9 Degree Loading Angle on a Standard Flatbed.

The Low Loader

Made To Order On Premises

The Low Loader is the lowest load angle rollback carrier on the market. Its innovative design using a forklift platform transforms the load capacity and angle capability of the bed. This unit is designed for an extremely long service life for all major components. Maintenance costs for the LowLoader over a 10 year period is drastically lower than other standard duty carriers on the market.

The Loader With The Lowest Load Angle In The Industry.

The Little Hercules

One Of A Kind Performance and Customization

The Lil Hercules is stronger, easier to maintain, and easier to operate than any other underbody wheel lift on the market. At Detroit Wrecker, the mission is always to set the standard for the industry, in the level of quality control, craftsmanship, and structural finesse of the unit.

Transform Your Pick-Up Into A Tow Truck With Our Little Hercules.

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