tow truck gps and back up cameras.

Best GPS Systems For Tow Trucks

A GPS system for tow trucks could literally change your life, helping you get your job done more efficiently and in more ways than just preventing you from getting lost. The biggest benefits of tow truck GPS systems include: The ability to micromanage and track an entire fleet of vehicles. Save time and get more done in one day by preventing drivers from getting lost. Save even more time by easily finding the quickest route from point [...]

What Is The Best Pick Up Truck For Towing, Ford Dodge or Chevy?

Truth is...preference. Whatever your preference is. We just recommend getting the right size truck with the right GVWR. Some trucks are made for towing, and others not so much. There are a few qualities a truck needs to save money, be more efficient and tow anything without any hassles or safety hazards. The type of truck you want is largely dependent on the type of towing apparatus you plan to use, such as a wheel lift, low loader, etc. There [...]

wheel lift installation

How To Install After Market Wheel Lift

Do You Have The Right Truck For A Wheel Lift? Safety is a huge priority to us and we are all about educating our customers on the safest practices. If you do not have the right vehicle for a wheel lift it can quickly become a very dangerous situation. Frame Reinforcement For Wheel Lifts The key to installing a wheel lift is to make sure your frame is strong enough to support the weight without failure. Installation of frame reinforcement is [...]

Steel Vs. Aluminum Tow Truck Beds: Which Is Best For You?

Steel Vs. Aluminum Tow Truck Beds: Which Is Best For You?

Steel tow truck beds and aluminum tow truck beds offer unique sets of pros and cons, here’s how to find out which is best for you. Some people are big aluminum fans and others prefer steel. Different preferences largely relate to individual needs and even climate. Here are the basics on both so you can decide for yourself! Aluminum Resists Rust, Steel Is Prone To Rust The majority of steel is going to rust within one year of consistent use [...]

Reasons To Buy Low Loader From Detroit Wrecker

Reasons To Buy Low A Loader From Detroit Wrecker

There are countless reasons to buy a Low Loader from Detroit Wrecker. The Low Loader is an industry leader, in terms of durability, strength and longevity. We have proudly witnessed just how much our innovation improves the day-to-day experiences of tow-truck drivers. Instead of using traditional tow truck technology, we took it back to the drawing board, creating a tow truck based upon forklift technologies. This method turned out even better than we ever could have imagined. This unique [...]

Things To Know Before Buying A Pick Up Truck For Towing Purposes

T When searching endless ‘Truck for sale’ ads it’s important to know what to look out for to score a good deal on a new or used tow truck. Here are 3 helpful tips to help you build the best truck possible in combination with the best equipment possible. Together building a winning and money making combination that we both can be proud of. 1.GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Did you know that every american truck made the gas tank is on the driver side. [...]

Website Launch

Welcome to the launch of our updated website and store. We here, at Detroit Wrecker Sales, take pride in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in web technology, to help better the user experience for our customers. We welcome you to browse the site for all new information regarding our Low Loader, Lil Hercules, wreckers, rollbacks, and much more. We understand that there that our customers regularly use us as a resource of information regarding tow truck manufacturing and parts, so [...]

How To Expand Your Tow Truck Business On A Budget

Expanding your tow truck business takes a considerable investment but if you set yourself up just right it is likely to pay off. Plus, there are ways you can expand your wrecker business on any budget. The wrecker industry is a necessary component of modern society and even during an economic downturn is known to still remain profitable, after all cars always need to be towed. In fact, during an economic downturn even more cars requiring towing for repo-related [...]

tool boxes that will change your life

Tow Truck Tool Boxes That Will Change Your Life

Tow truck toolboxes are a necessity for working out on the road. Certain toolboxes in particular provide so much more than just a safe place to store your tools. Tow trucks need a place to store tools and other accessories so that they are easy to access, away from harm and not an easy target for thieves. There are many different toolboxes on the market, and depending upon your needs there is a perfect toolbox out there for you. [...]

Rear view of young man watching television

The Top Tow Truck Shows We Are Watching Right Now

With so many towing-related shows on TV there are plenty of reality stars ready to relate to your everyday struggles as a tow-truck driver, although they likely have even more drama than you. At Detroit Wrecker we live and breathe tow trucks. Even after a long day at the shop we often find ourselves at home watching tow trucks on TV. Here are some of the best tow truck shows worth checking out. Below we have also included some [...]