Devastator™ Rollback Car Carrier

The Detroit Wrecker Devastator Is In A Class Of It’s Own

The Detroit Wrecker’s Low-Loader set the standard for the lowest load angle rollback car carrier on the market. Advancing on the success of the Low-Loader, combined with our many years of servicing the competitions products and learning from their failures, we had our engineers completely re-design a brand new rollback car carrier combining the best features of all rollback carrier in to one unit – We call it Devastator.

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The Devastator™ Brochure

Devastator Brochure

Standard Features

  • Lifetime Warranty on: Pins, Bushings, Control Rods & Handles, Bed Pivot Pin, Wheel Lift Pivot Pin, Bed Locks (w/ proper maintenance)
  • Bed Capacity of 12,000 to 40,000 lbs.
  • Lowest Load Angle in Industry
  • Lowest Deck Height in Industry
  • Stainless Steel Control Rods & Handles, Sandblasted & Powder-Coated
  • Pylon, Stationary Pylon Optional, Lighted Logo Optional
  • 3’ Long Bed Locks Provide Ability to Gain Additional 2-1/2 Ft. of Length Capacity
  • Ramsey 8,000 lbs. Planetary Winch 5:1 Ratio
  • Wheel Lift – Lift Capacity 5000 lbs. Towing Capacity 10,000 lbs. (Standard)
  • Dual Lighted Controls Stations
  • 10″ spacing for Cross Members on Deck (Optional: 6″ or 8″)
  • 3/16″ Smooth Steel Deck with 3/8″ Tail Plate (Diamond Plate or Smooth Deck)
  • LED Light Bar and Light Package
  • Tow Lights with Cord
  • Clutch Pump PTO
  • Tool Boxes 48″ (Stainless Steel Door)
  • Most Standard Chain Tie Down Attachments in the Industry

Great customer service! Great product, Devastator is heavy duty and built to last!

Keith's Towing, Inc.

I’ve been dealing with these guys for 5 years now. Always excellent service and happy.

Doss' Towing

Lowest Load Angle

Devastator™ offers the lowest load angle in the industry, depending on truck tires, suspension, and specifications.

The Devastator Deck

Each Devastator is fitted with our Detroit Wrecker Bed Locks, these are 3’ in length and allow the operator to slide the bed back up to 2 1/2 feet. This feature gives the bed extra length for larger overhang vehicles. The Deck on the Devastator has a capacity of 12,000 pounds.

Twin Hex-Pin System

Devastator™ is fitted with the Detroit Wrecker twin hex-pin system allowing the operator to tighten the crucial pivot points. There is no longer sloppy movement and significantly less down time.

Control Rods and Handles

The Devastator™ Control Rods and Handles are made out of Stainless Steel, sand blasted and powder coated for the toughest finish in the industry, and come with a LIFETIME warranty. Our controls are superior in every way possible. Pivoting on Bronze Oil-Lite bushings and a stainless steel rod. These handles will perform for a lifetime.

Wheel Lift Unit

The Devastator™ Wheel Lift has a lift capacity of 4,500 pounds with a towing capacity of 9,000 pounds!

Pin Eye Seals

Our Pin Eye seals are another feature that sets Devastator above the rest. You’ve seen these type of anti-corrosion systems on expensive machinery equipment. Heavy Duty Front End Loaders, Excavators and other various types of equipment. All our pins are pivoting on a bronze oil-lite bushing. The soft bronze will NEVER damage the steel pin. A simple application of grease will go a long long way.

Steel Lines

Due the fact that we have serviced other makes and models of Towing Equipment over the years. We have learned that the trucks #1 reason for downtime is from hose failure. We have implemented steel lines where ever possible. To eliminate the amount of times the truck goes down for a rubber hose failure. We all know that the #1 culprit of the truck being down. Is due to a rubber hose. So why not eliminate as much rubber hose as possible. Replacing with steel lines mean less downtime!

Bed Locks

Our bed locks have obvious advantages with the ability to offer longer loads. Turning this 19′ Bed into a 21,’ when and if needed, by not having to slide the bed all the way forward into it’s locks. Another great feature is the lack of rattles from the equipment, 10 times quieter and a smoother ride.

Strong Cross Members

Our beds have cross members that are welded solid to the cross rail or side rail. Stopping any debris or salt from getting inside and rotting from the inside out. Continuous welds all the way down the side of the bed.

Earn More With Quality Built Equipment

Time off the road, is time that you are not earning. If your equipment breaks down, it slows you down, it costs you money to repair, and costs you in lost time where you not making money. Our solution is simple, build a better, stronger and smarter product.

Detroit Wrecker Sales

All of Detroit Wrecker Sales, signature products are built from scratch, right here, in our Detroit shop. Our expert fabrication team make all the parts and pieces in-house, so we know it’s done right. We use quality materials, and experienced welders, machinists and mechanics.


Get Your Own Devastator™


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