How To Install After Market Wheel Lift

wheel lift installation

Do You Have The Right Truck For A Wheel Lift?

Safety is a huge priority to us and we are all about educating our customers on the safest practices. If you do not have the right vehicle for a wheel lift it can quickly become a very dangerous situation.

Frame Reinforcement For Wheel Lifts

The key to installing a wheel lift is to make sure your frame is strong enough to support the weight without failure. Installation of frame reinforcement is your first step to securing a reliable wheel lift. Better safe than sorry.  We guarantee that with our experienced craftsmanship you will never have an issue with your frame. Paying 2 fabricators for 2 days to address your frame like their life depends on it. 

 The Wheel Lift Install Kit

  • Tow Light Plug
  • 804SHDT 2″ x 100″ straps with snap hooks
  • WLS1500 wired tow lights
  • HDTL30B 2 12FT safety chains with HD grab hook
  • 300 AMP fuse included for rear battery.
  • 20’ gauge #4 wire, red and black in a split loom. P-Clamped to the frame w/ nut & bolt
  • 200 amp circuit breaker for battery under hood
  • 2nd battery in the back w/ case and 200 amp cicuit breaker
  • 300 amp fuse on the Electric/Hydraulic Motor

A Few Of Our Favorite Wheel Lifts

Lil Hercules Manual Arm Wheel Lift

Power In/Out Up/Down this unit offers unlimited benefits and features for a very affordable price. Manual L Arm & Wheel Grids. 3″ x 3″ just like a wrecker or roll back. You can swap grids or l arms with most makes and models. Making it easy to save the day when robbing from peter to pay paul pays in the end. 


Gladiator Wheel Lift

Notice in the video how you can tighten the slop from wear & tear on your T Bar. This is our signature 2 Pin System. That same pivot pin system is at the Fold Pin, & Boom Base. Also notice the bronze oil-Lite Bushings 1/4″ Thick! Oil is impregnated into the bushing. This translate to a longer service life & less maintenance for you the customer. This makes our unit far superior to the rest of the competition.

Our Gladiator Wheel Lift is the strongest “in the bed repo unit” available on the market. Plus it comes with a lot of different options depending on your exact needs. The Gladiator is super easy to install on any compatible truck because the frame of our unit is the same width as your truck frame.


Herc-0-Matic Self Loader

Enjoy the strongest light duty wheel lift ever invented thanks to our innovative Herc-0-matic. This self-loader has a lifting capacity of 4,000-pounds and a towing capacity of 8,000-pounds.