The Steel – Our Low Loader and Lil Hercules are 90% steel, so we use the highest quality steel available. All of our steel is 100% American.  Buying from local vendors decreases our carbon footprint, which is good for the planet. Buying from Detroit vendors is good for the neighborhood and the economy.

We don’t skimp on the steel, which is good for you! We use 1045 steel for our pins, which is thicker and stronger than the 1018 steel used by  than standard issue.  We strategically reinforce the frame of any truck before building a Low Loader onto it, and also before installing a Lil Hercules or Herc O Matic. The steel tubing on our Lil Hercules wheel lifts is thicker, and we reinforce those too.  We also use triangular steel gussets to reinforce critical areas such as the bed cylinder mount site, around the wheel lift cylinder mounts and the control section, and all the way down the inner channel of the bed.

The Bronze – We build all of our pivot points using our signature Oil-Lite Bronze Bushings.  We infuse the bronze with oil so the bushing keeps its pin nice and greased, for better longevity, and smoother operation.  This is a design meant to last.  With proper care, our pivot points will last many years, and they are covered by a lifetime warranty.

The Cylinders – We want our trucks on the road, not in the shop.  We have a team of machinists building our cylinders with the best materials, including higher-cost seals that last four times longer than the standard one-year seals the other guys use.  That’s why our cylinders carry a 4 year warranty.

Manufacturing TeamThe Shop – Our manufacturing facility is state of the art, with cutting edge tools and equipment for precision, quality work.  Our service shop is just as advanced, with all the best tools of the trade to get the job done right!

The Crew – Our manufacturing crew and service team are incredibly skilled, talented, experienced, and passionate about what we do.  Everyone knows electrical, hydraulics, and welding.  There’s over 100 years of experience in our service team.  And our manufacturing crew is exceptionally skilled, with master craftsmen, and even a previous bridge builder!  Come to Detroit Wrecker for all your maintenance, repair, restoration and improvements.  We have what it takes, to make sure you get the best service, the highest quality products, and the results you need.  You’ll be glad you came!