Detroit Wrecker Team

Mike FarrellPresident and one of our New Equipment Salesmen.  Mike spent his childhood riding in a tow truck, and has a lifetime of experience with towing equipment.  He has an incredible passion for the uniqueness of what we do here at Detroit Wrecker, and it’s evident when you talk to him.  Quality is what we’re all about, and Mike’s dedication to this company and our customers is the best of the best.  He has experience in welding,truck sales, parts and service management, and much more.  Currently he is focusing on assisting our customers design the truck of their dreams.  His core experience adds to the research and development of our current product lines.

An expert in Dynamic, Jerr Dan, and Miller replacement parts and service, Mike also oversees the Parts Team, whose main goal is to make sure every customer gets the parts they need, as quickly as possible.  Detroit Wrecker excels in finding every part available for any brand of tow truck, along with all types of towing accessories for a wide range of recovery operations, and he always has the best deals on ratchets, straps, and winch cables.  We want your truck to be on the road just as much as you do!  If you need parts and accessories reach out to our parts team!

Call Mike and his team today to discuss your future plans for expanding your company, or replacing your equipment, and they will show you how Detroit Wrecker can get you there!

Our team is building the groundbreaking trucks which are setting the standard in the industry. We want to build you the truck of your dreams and we have the talent, skill, experience and passion to do it all under one roof.

– Mike Farrell

Our Service Team

Unlike most service departments, our service department is comprised of real tow men. Who have owned multiple tow trucks. Along w/ fabricators & electricians. Our guys are some of the best in the industry, with over 100 years of experience between them. They all know welding, electrical and hydraulics. They are all top-notch, full-service mechanics who can solve any problem a truck is having, because they can build a truck from the ground up. If they have to cut out a piece, they cut it out, fabricate a new one, and build it in. They have cutting-edge equipment to do their jobs, and the talent, skill and expertise to get it done right. On top of that, they are the kind of guys who will stay late to get your truck fixed. Our service team are the brain surgeons of the automotive industry, and will take great care of your vehicle.

Manufacturing Team

Our Manufacturing TeamWe have some of the best welders in the state working in our facility. They create the pieces that we use to build our trucks, from the smallest pins and bushings to the subframes and beds. We have expert machinists crafting our high quality cylinders with four-year seals. Every member of our team is an expert craftsman, they take pride in their work. No piece is too small, no part is unimportant, and every inch of every truck, part, and accessory shows it.