Spreader Bar Straps

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    Spreader Bar StrapSpreader Bar Strap

    Spreader Bar Strap

    We have our first sets of the all-Grip version of the spreader bar strap out on the street and are getting some very positive feedback.ᅠ I wanted to make sure you were aware that these are now available through us.ᅠ Our straps have a much higher Working Load Limit then the style currently available from other suppliers.ᅠ Our WLL is 5,300 lbs per strap making this the safest strap available for this application.

    The モAdjust-A-Gripヤ sling gives the operator the ability to adjust the sling length from 4 to 8 feet.ᅠ There is no need to pull a loop in only one directionナyou can load the sling in either direction and not be concerned that you are pulling it the wrong way.ᅠ Ideal for spreader bar applications or other rigging needs that require adjustment.

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