• 55″ Green Magic Wand Lookout Tool 312-Green

    $24.99 $18.99

    The Big Easyル tool kits enable the operator to actuate the door handle, manual lock button, or electric lock button on more than 98% of all cars and trucks. This system eliminates the danger of airbag activation or disconnected door linkages. Unlocking doors is quick and easy, because every movement is in full view of the technician. Any professional towing and recovery operator can use the Big Easyル, and no extensive training is necessary. All Big Easyル tools are 55″ long.

    $29.95 $22.95
  • Big Kahuna Long Reach

    The All New BIG KAHUNA LONG REACH long reach tool is our longest tool ever. This tool gives you the ability to open cars that require that extra reach to get into. Although this tool is bigger than the other long reach tools in our line, it still features all of the great paint protection and super grip of the SQM and the Little Max. This amazing 58 inches long tool comes with out patent pending Store-N-Go Handle. You no longer have to look for rubber replacement tips in your tool box. Just keep them inside the handle for easy and fast access.

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    $149.99 $129.99
  • Flexible Long Reach

    This tool will take the ideal shape for those hard to reach lockout jobs. Can be bent, twisted, and shaped Versatile Great for hard to reach places Stores easily

    $29.99 $19.99
  • Grip Max Long Reach

    The Grip Max is a revolutionary long reach tool because of its ease of use due to its moveable handle that can be placed in an infinite number of places to make sure your grip is comfortable. No more twisting your arm backwards trying to get the tip of the tool in the right place, no more standing on your toes trying to keep your hand on the handle. Just unscrew the knobs on the handle, move it to your desired location, and then tighten the knob in its new location and its ready to go.

    $49.99 $34.95
  • In-The-Door Tool

    High Tech metal tools offer high strength and resist bending better than all competitors tools. This rigidity ensures that they will not bend out of shape while in use, rendering them useless. All of our tools are easily identified with the numbered handles, and for tools without handles, a numbered label is provided. In The Door tools are comprised of two groups designed to offer the most complete set available.

    $26.32 $14.95
  • In-The-Door Tool 89

    In-The-Door Tool

    $27.99 $19.99
  • Lightening Rod Long Reach Tool

    Lightning Rod Long Reach Tool with Lighted Tip, by High Tech Vehicle Access Tools

    $69.99 $49.99
  • Little Max Long Reach Tool

    The little brother of the Shielded Quick Max, the Little Max was created as to provide car opening professionals with a smaller long reach tool. It is the ideal long reach tool for sedans and compact vehicles as it provides better leverage when holding the handle.

    $29.99 $19.99
  • Mighty Max Two Piece Long Reach Tool

    Fits in a standard tool box drawer Soft coating will not scratch the paint of the vehicle Power grip tips for superior grip Great as a spare long reach tool to keep in your vehicle in case you lose or damage your regular tool Sometimes there is no room to store a conventional long reach car opening tool but the need for one still exists. We have the solution. The Mighty Max two piece long reach tool fits nicely in a standard tool box drawer or in the trunk of your vehicle. This is a tool with no compromises. It still has the same soft coating as our other tools and it still features our power grip tips. Our tips are made of a special compound that offer superior grip to other products on the market.

    $35.99 $24.99
  • Multi-Tip Long Reach Tool

    piece collapsible car opening long reach tool with 3 different attachments Vertical button noose, electric button pusher, and door handle puller Soft protective coating so it will not scratch paint Rubber sure grip tips for maximum hold Fits in normal tool box drawers, great for tight storage spaces The compact way to keep an all purpose car opening long reach tool in your tool box. Three interchangeable tips ensure you will always have the right tool for the job. Vertical button noose for lifting vertical buttons. Short stub end for pressing electric door lock buttons. Large hook style end for pulling door handles and general use. Covered with a protective shielding material so it will not scratch the paint.

    $48.97 $34.95