• Strip Savers

    High Tech Tools Strip Savers are essentially a slippery strip of hard plastic used to help you insert a wedge easier in tight situations. When you place a wedge into a door, you often will cause the weather stripping to roll back, and in extreme cold or heat, even crack. Strip Savers give you the thinner edge you need to get that wedge safely behind that weather stripping.

    $9.52 $4.95
  • Strip Tool

    This simple tool effectively opens vertical button vehicles Fits in narrow gaps Requires little space Easy to use Must have tool for any car opening tool set

    $26.59 $9.95
  • Super Strap Tool

    The High Tech Super Strap Tool is a close cousin to the remote control button master because they both are designed specifically for vertical lock buttons. Sometimes, however, the door is too tight for the RCBM and it is necessary to use something with a slimmer profile. This is where the High Tech Super Strap comes in. Just insert the tool into the side/top of the door, and manipulate the tool with the included cable to grab the button and pull up.

    $29.99 $15.99