Feniex 4200 Bluetooth wireless control C-4200

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4200 // Intelligent Design (with Data Link) from Feniex Industries on Vimeo.

18 programmable buttons: -On/Off -Momentary -Timer
Capabilities: -3 position slide switch -2 channel Integrated wigwag -20 programmable 10 amp outputs -Programmable Ignition activation -Programmable Night mode activation -Programmable Day mode activation -5 programmable inputs
Computer programmable using a USB port -Free software downloads
Bluetooth wireless control option available for both android and apple devices
Green backlit LEDs for night time use
Red backlit LEDs during button activation
Universal compatible with any light or siren product
Kit Includes: U-Shaped Mounting Bracket, USB wire and 2 RJ45 cables
Console Face plates available with Havis, Jotto and Troy

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in