Low Loader Car Carrier


The Low Loader is the lowest load angle rollback carrier on the market. Its innovative design using a forklift platform transforms the load capacity and angle capability of the bed.

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For more info. Be sure to check out http://www.TheLowLoader.com for more detailed information.

The Detroit Wrecker Low Loader comes standard with:

  • Installation & Powder Coated Black (Galvanized add $2300.00)
  • Standard Beds 20K Deck Capacity 18′, 19′, 21′ 
  • Industrial Versions 40k Deck Capacity  24′, 26′, 28′ 
  • 96″ or 100″ Wide is Standard. 102″ Wide is optional (add $1800)
  • Ramsey 8000lb Worm Gear 34:1 ratio Winch Cable with 75′ Swivel Hk Cable
  • Standard Wheel Lift 5,000lb Lift Capacity & 10,000lb Tow Capacity 
  • Dual Lighted Controls Stations
  • Lowest Load Angle Highest Dumping Angle. Low Loading is optional. Any loading angle is allowed.
  • 10″ Spacing on Cross Members for Deck
  • 3/16″ Smooth Steel Deck w/ 3/8″ Tail Plate (Diamond Plate add $800)
  • All Hydraulic Hoses are Parker “Tough Cover” Part# 451TC
  • LED Light Bar TowMate 12 Head
  • LED Light Package on Equipment Lifetime Warranty by TecNiq Inc
  • Tow Lights w/ Cord
  • PTO Muncie Hotshift (Clutch Pump is optional)
  • V-Chain
  • J-Hooks 6′ Grade 70 – Pair
  • Ratchets & Straps for Wheel Lift
  • (2) Tool Box 48″ – Stainless Steel Door

The Low Loader is the lowest load angle rollback carrier on the market. Its innovative design using a forklift platform transforms the load capacity and angle capability of the bed. This unit is designed for an extremely long service life for all major components. Maintenance costs for the LowLoader over a 10 year period is drastically lower than other standard duty carriers on the market.

This unit incorporates the key following features:

  • Winch Hose Pulley System – Replace, or service in less than an hour. Hoses run on individual pulleys. This feature greatly extends the life of the hose. 
  • Stationary Light Bar Pylon/Hydraulic Reservoir – Our Pylon is also our Hydraulic Tank. You can always add oil to the system, no matter where the bed is positioned. 
  • Bed Wear Pad System – Our Wear Pads have an estimated life of 10,000 plus cycles and do not require re­moving the bed. R&R the pads in 1 hr.
  • One Piece Control Handles Lifetime Warranty – Eliminates all linkage between Control Handles. 1 Rod for each function, from the Driver Side to the Passenger Side. 
  • All Pins & Bushings – Lifetime Warranty – Every Cylinder Pivot Point has a Bronze Oil-Lite Bushing which protects the pin for years of use. 
  • Dumping Angle – 40 degrees clearly the highest in the industry. Work faster by dumping the junk car quickly.
  • Bed Lock Free Design – Our bed is always locked to the frame. You do not have to slide the bed into bed locks.You can slide it away from the cab to accomodate your longer or larger load. With a truly independent Wheel Lift mounted to the Truck’s Frame. There are no bed locks needed to keep the sub-frame from tilting.  
  • Cylinders – Our cylinders use superior seals & components. Detroit Wrecker offers a 4 year warranty on cylinder seals. 

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