Towmate Wireless Wide Load Light Bar 48″

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Wireless radio control and LED lights make this a simple choice. This 12 volt system uses a radio control directly from the truck's 7 way connector, It recharges from the truck's electrical system. It's light weight & Super durable. 4 large round LED displays and 3 small LED displays. Super bright LED lights can be seen even the worst weather conditions. This unit has a low power consumption and can last for up to 100,000 operating hours. Stop, turn, tail and marker lights are standard on this unit. Rubber tie-downs, remote control unit and instruction manual included. ***To Recharge your truck bar use the empty 7-pin Connector provided with your system. The Center pin is the 12V+ pin For RECHARGE and the Top silver pin is the chassis GROUND. Be sure to Find a full time power source even when the ignition is off on the vehicle. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO PLACE A 10 AMP FUSE ON THE 12V+WIRE…Our Competitor doesn't tell you about this requirement & has no idea how to wire it in, beacuse they never have wired anything before! Call us we can help you every step along the way! ***

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