Reasons To Buy Low A Loader From Detroit Wrecker

Reasons To Buy Low Loader From Detroit Wrecker

There are countless reasons to buy a Low Loader from Detroit Wrecker. The Low Loader is an industry leader, in terms of durability, strength and longevity. We have proudly witnessed just how much our innovation improves the day-to-day experiences of tow-truck drivers.

Instead of using traditional tow truck technology, we took it back to the drawing board, creating a tow truck based upon forklift technologies. This method turned out even better than we ever could have imagined. This unique design allows you to lift and tow way more weight without as much hassle. 

Considering adding a new rollback truck to your fleet? These 8 reasons seal the day when it comes to the best Low Loader in the wrecker industry.

1. Completely Custom Low Loader

When you order a Low Loader from Detroit Wrecker the sky is the limit. We will make it custom to fit your exact needs. For example, Fenkell Automotive asked us to build a custom low loader to fit new regulations specified by Chrysler, including strapping in vehicles over the tire without any lateral pulling. We went to work right away creating a truck with expanded metal so that the smallest and biggest vehicles easily fit into place according to Chrysler’s latest specifications.

It’s that simple, you come to us with your needs and we create the best possible Low Loader custom fit for you. The best part is you don’t have to pay some ridiculous price for it.

2. Built Tough In The USA

American made products help maintain a stable economy with greater equality for all. We firmly believe in the importance of quality, made in America craftsmanship, which is why build the Low Loader from the ground up, right here in Detroit, Michigan.

You’re not going to find a team of wrecker specialists that care more about producing the highest quality possible. Around here every last detail matters, down to the pins and bushings, which are all impregnated with oil to reduce corrosion and maintenance.  We make our cylinders in house using the very best seals and materials in the industry. All cylinder seals come with a 4-year warranty.

When we say our Load Loader is built tough, we are certainly not kidding around. As a result of superior American made craftsmanship, our Low Loader is meant to handle anything and everything.

3. Low Loader Has Lower Tilt Than Anything In The Industry

The Low Loader is the lowest load angle rollback available on the market. We were able to accomplish this by using age-old forklift technology to create a new type of low loader, yet one that still remains true to everything traditionally great about rollback trucks.

The reason we are able to offer such a low load angle goes back to the use of forklift technology, which also enables an increase in load capacity and angle capability. In other words, your job as a tow truck driver gets easier the moment you switch to our Low Loader.

4. Made With Efficiency In Mind

The faster you are able to get your job done, the better. That’s why we made sure to think of every last detail when it comes to the Low Loader. We positioned the dumping angle at 40 degrees, the highest in the industry, with the purpose of allowing you to work faster dumping cars off.

Also, we made it so that the bed is always locked to the frame. This means you don’t have to worry about sliding the bed onto its bed locks every time. Instead, you simply slide the cab in one direction or the other depending what you need to accommodate the size of your load.

5. Strength You Can Rely On 

The Low Loader is easier to use, more efficient and it’s incredibly powerful, capable of lifting and hauling a whole lot of weight. The Low Loader comes stock with wheel lifts capable of supporting 5,000 pounds, and a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. If that doesn’t do it for you, remember the sky is the limit in terms of customization.

6. Enjoy The Added Extras That Come Standard With Our Low Loader

When you buy a Low Loader from Detroit Wrecker we hook you up with some goodies on the house. Every Low Loader comes stock with:

  • 36” toolbox with stainless steel door
  • Ratchets and straps for wheel lift
  • V-Chain
  • 6’ J-Hooks, Grade 70
  • Tow lights with cord
  • PTO Munchie Hotshift, you also have option for Clutch Pump
  • LED light package on equipment
  • Parker “Tough Cover” hydraulic hoses
  • 3/16” smooth steel deck with a 3/8” tail plate
  • Dual lighted controls station

7. We Offer Financing Options

We get it, buying a Low Loader is a hefty investment, especially if you have to pay for it upfront all at once. We soften the blow by offering affordable financing options with low monthly payments.

8. Our Low Loader Lasts A Lifetime

The quality of our Low Loader remains unsurpassed in the wrecker industry. As of today, we have built well over 300 Low Loader units. Having carefully tracked many of these units we know for a fact that maintenance costs are greatly reduced over a 10-year period in comparison to any other rollback on the market. 

Wear pads should last around 10,000 or more cycles, and you don’t need to remove the bed to repair.

The winch hose pulley system can be serviced and replaced in under one hour. Since the hoses run on individual pulleys they tend to last a lot longer as well.

All pins and bushings come with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to the Bronze Oil-Lite Bushing we use on every Cylinder Pivot Point the pin is protect from rust and corrosion for many years.

Check out pricing and other options for our Low Loader here: Detroit Wrecker Sales’ Low Loader