Recovery Field Agents, Repossession Agents, and Repo Drivers, we have what you need.   Detroit Wrecker has the experience and expertise to keep your crew and you vehicles on the road making the money you need to make.  We also have the parts, accessories, and a full-service repair shop to keep you running, and we have the new products for when you’re ready.

The Little Hercules Repo

The Lil Hercules – The Lil Hercules underbody wheel lifts are built tougher than any other.  They are the strongest in their class, boasting an 8.000 lb towing capacity and 4,000lb lift capacity.  The pivot head features our exclusive two-piece pin with nut-and-bolt construction.  This unique build allows you to easily tighten up the pivot head when it needs it, instead of having to bring your truck in for pin replacement.  The Lil Hercules product line will keep you out working, not waiting for the mechanic.

Accessories – We stock parts, products and accessories from all the big names in towing.  Our Parts Manager is an expert in products and accessories and will get you the right product for the right price, and our Service Team will put it together for you. See Our Shop for parts.

Service – Whoever built the truck you’re driving and the accessories you have, we can service, repair, modify and upgrade them. We stock pieces and parts from all major towing brands, and our service and repair shop is a full-service facility that will get you back on the road in no time.