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We have made it easier than ever to find the parts you are looking for. Here at Detroit Wrecker we also stock many of the small replacement parts that you may need for your project.

Below is a diagram of a particular part assembly. Each part has is labeled by a number that corresponds to the table below. The table contains all the information you will need to know about each individual part. The part numbers can also be clicked to bring you to that part in our online shop. Happy Shopping!

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Item Part # Description
1 3512800043 Sling Head Assembly
2 3020000067 Hold back Arm Assembly
3 3912000003 Tube Weld
4 3309000006 U-Joint Weld
5 7804000002 Shackle
6 7105223250 Capscrew, 0.75″-16NF x 4.00″
7 7661000017 Locknut, 0.75″-16NF
8 7115203806 Shoulder Bolt, 0.63″-11NC x 4.75″
9 7660202601 Locknut, 0.63″-11NC
10 7440030000 Grease Fitting
11 4706000983 Plate
12 8565760025 Hose
13 4254000006 Rod
14 4691000188 Pin
15 4763000184 Rod
16 7843000006 Spring