[vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title=”We Have The Answers” title_align=”separator_align_left”][vc_column_text]lil herculesPowerful – With a lift capacity of 4,000 pounds and a tow capacity of 8,000 pounds, it outperforms its competitors at every turn.

Tough Stuff – Speaking of turns, the self-centering pivot head is also designed better and built tougher than any other.   We build our pivot points with massive steel pins and our signature Bronze Oil-Lite Bushings, all fabricated right here in our Detroit manufacturing shop.  Our pivot points are the strongest in the industry.  They require less maintenance because the bushings actually sweat oil, so our regular maintenance schedule is less frequent.  With proper care, they will last an incredibly long time, and we back all of our pins and bushings with a lifetime warranty with proper maintenance.

Grab and Go – The Lil Hercules is mounted to the truck frame, and sits under the bed.  It is completely hidden when not in use.  Lil Hercules is a standard L-arm, 4-function wheel lift.  The Herc O Matic is the infamous  6-funtion edition, which features automatic jaws for quick grab-and-go recovery.

Lil Hercules Wheel Lift. This client is from Arizona.GVWR / GVM – Truck manufacturers specify a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or Gross Vehicle Mass for the vehicle they produce.  This is the vehicle’s limit for safe operation.  This number includes the weight of the vehicle itself, all trailers, cargo, and passengers.  The Lil Hercules requires a truck that has a GVWR of 9500 pounds or more, a chassis equipped with top overloads & leaf suspension typically, a diesel engine.  Trucks with a longer wheelbase are better suited to support the Lil Hercules, so a truck with a 4-door cab and an 8-foot bed is ideal.   Trucks with single and dual rear wheel styles are equally suitable.

Most Popular – We have mostly installed our Lil Hercules on the Ford F-350, followed closely by the F-450, Chevy & GMC 3500, and Dodge Ram 3500.  We can take off your old wheel lift and replace it with a Lil Hercules, so call us today to find out about upgrading to this Olympian Heavy Lifter!

Top of the Line Underbody – First released in 2011, the Lil Hercules Wheel lift is one of the strongest heavy duty underbody wheel lifts available.  It has a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds, and a towing capacity of 8,000 pounds.  It comes in two editions, the original L-arm Lil Hercules, and the 6-function version, the Herc O Matic, which features automatic jaws for grabbing a car in a hurry.

Under Cover – Mounted to the frame of the truck, underneath the bed, the Lil Hercules is completely hidden from view when not in use.   We always reinforce the frame of a truck before installing the Lil Hercules, to ensure that the truck’s body is as strong as the Lil Hercules.  The reinforcement to the frame ensures a solid foundation of strength and support for the Lil Hercules, and years of worry-free loading and unloading for the operator.

Lil Hercules – The Lil Hercules product line features a self-centering head, automatic jaws, and operates by electric-hydraulic, or clutch pump.  The Lil Hercules is a manual style,  4-function wheel lift.  The L-arms come out from the rear of the truck, slide under the car you’re towing, and the wheel grids move up and down to lift and lower the towed vehicle.

Our hand controller featuresHerc O Matic – The Herc O Matic is a remote-controlled unit which comes standard with a 15-foot corded controller.   You can upgrade to the additional wireless remote control.  The Herc O Matic has a 6-function control set.  The crossbar slides out from under your truck, the automatic jaws grab the wheels of the target vehicle, and lifts it.

Tough – The Lil Hercules and Herc O Matic are the leaders of the repossession wheel lift industry.  We designed the toughest, strongest wheel lifts on the market, and named them accordingly.  The Lil Hercules product line features the strongest reinforced body on the market, and our signature Bronze Oil-Lite Bushings, just like we use on our Low Loader.  The central pivot head boasts a two-piece hexagonal nut-and-bolt construction.

Warranty – At Detroit Wrecker, our highly skilled fabrication and manufacturing crew hand-craft our products from scratch in our cutting-edge facility.   The products that come out of our shop are such high quality, that, with proper regular maintenance, the pivot points should last many years.  That’s why we back all of our pins, bushings, and craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty with proper maintenance.

Underway – We are happy to take off your old wheel lift and install a Lil Hercules or Herc O Matic on your truck.  Contact our Service Department today to find out about improving your operation with a Lil Hercules![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]