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We can remove your old wheel lift and install the Lil Hercules or Herc O Matic on your truck in its place. With all of the options available to you, you may need a consultation to get started. 

welding-tow truck makeWe work with dozens of local vendors to stock our fabrication shop with high quality materials, and we use 100% American-made steel. All of the pieces, parts and components are fabricated right here, in our Detroit shop. Crafted by hand and with meticulous attention to detail, we believe quality starts at the beginning. Our heavy steel pins and quarter-inch thick bronze bushings are designed and built to work hard and to last. Our signature Oil-Lite Bronze Bushings are unique in the industry. Steel pins cannot corrode to the bronze, and the bushings are infused with oil. Pivot points with this construction have an unmatched longevity.

With proper care, the pivot points manufactured in our shop will last for many years even a Lifetime if properly maintained. That’s why Detroit Wrecker pins and bushings are backed by a lifetime warranty. The highly skilled craftsmen that make up our manufacturing team are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology for the highest quality, hand-crafted products on the market. All of our fabricators are expert welders and skilled, talented craftsmen. With over a 100 years of combined experience.

Our manufacturing team are not just mechanics working for paychecks. They are here doing what they love, and they are passionate about building trucks and accessories that set a new standard for the industry. It’s a labor of love, crafting these high quality products with precision and pride. It shows in each cut, weld, and pivot point. And that’s why Detroit Wrecker stands behind our craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty. The underbody wheel lift is not a new invention. At Detroit Wrecker, we like to improve things. We drew from our experience and knowledge of the towing industry, and considered all of the most common problems and issues associated with traditional underbody wheel lifts.

12186709_488187211342756_2838312127710739445_oBetween the thin steel construction, and pivot points with 1018 steel pins, and steel bushings or thin bronze. Traditional wheel lifts eventually corrode. Causing ceased pins or major expense in down time and replacing said components. We came up with solutions, and redesigned the solution for the traditional underbody wheel lift. We named it after an Olympian hero, because it’s the only name that could do it justice. The Lil Hercules is designed stronger, but remains relatively lightweight for its capacity. We use American Steel tubing, and add another quarter-inch of reinforcement. That’s up to 4 times thicker than traditional wheel Instead of 1018 steel pins, we use heavy-duty 1045 steel, and a hexagonal, two-piece nut-and-bolt construction. Not only is it much stronger and more durable than any pin, but it’s also adjustable, so when it starts loosening over time, as all pivot heads do, you can tighten it up, instead of having to take the truck in for pin repair or replacement. All pivot points are built with our signature bronze bushings for added smooth motion and longevity.