Things To Know Before Buying A Pick Up Truck For Towing Purposes


When searching endless ‘Truck for sale’ ads it’s important to know what to look out for to score a good deal on a new or used tow truck. Here are 3 helpful tips to help you build the best truck possible in combination with the best equipment possible. Together building a winning and money making combination that we both can be proud of.

1.GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

Did you know that every american truck made the gas tank is on the driver side. They also share in common this…There is a tag on every truck on the driverside door jamb. It has a combination of weight limits the truck can handle. Front GVWR, Rear GVWR and Total. The Total GVWR is our bible. If the truck does not have a 9500 lb GVWR we recommend not building that combination. The GVWR is simple terms is. The most weight the truck can handle safely. Stopping and steering w/ heavy loads can be dangerous. Making sure we have the correct braking power for our load is crucial. The higher the GVWR the more she can handle. The better she will stop! Don’t take a chance…be safe!

2.Regular, Crew Or Extended Cab

A regular cab with a short wheel base. Which is not the best for weight distribution. The longer the truck. The better it carries the load. But the shorter truck has 1 advantage the longer truck can not give you and that’s getting into tight places. The shorter truck naturally is way more nimble and can squeeze it’s way into situations that longer truck can not. So if you choose a shorter truck. Ya better not tow something heavy like a mini van. 

Crew cabs are perfect for heavy loads. The are really long and keep the front end on the ground more. Making it safer to stop and steer. Choosing a longer wheelbase truck w/ a gas motor. Is better than a shorter wheelbase truck w/ a diesel. Often people think the diesel is better. Not if it is shorter. Choose the longer wheelbase every time. Choosing between a 4 door gas  w/ 8′ bed. Compared to 4 door diesel w/ short bed. We recommend the longer gas version. Crew cab, 8′ Bed & diesel is a killer combination. Add 4×4 and pat yourself on the back. You have the best combination to tow something heavy and safely.

3. 2500’s & 250’s Don’t Have Top Over Load Helper Pads Or Helper Springs

When a customer brings us a 2500 3/4 ton truck . We must have the spring shop add helper springs and pads. This is crucial to dispersing the weight over the frame properly. This translates to a higher bill and the spring shop for material & labor. Plus 2500’s have a lower GVWR than a 3500 or 350. That means lower braking power. Sometimes cheaper isn’t better. We install lots of units on 2500’s. But those  clients understand completely the limitations they have w/ a smaller truck.