Tow Truck Tool Boxes That Will Change Your Life

tool boxes that will change your life

Tow truck toolboxes are a necessity for working out on the road. Certain toolboxes in particular provide so much more than just a safe place to store your tools. Tow trucks need a place to store tools and other accessories so that they are easy to access, away from harm and not an easy target for thieves. There are many different toolboxes on the market, and depending upon your needs there is a perfect toolbox out there for you. Transform your tow truck into a more functional space with any of the following best tow truck toolboxes.

Polymer Toolboxes

Tow truck toolboxes come in a vast assortment of shapes, sizes, materials and price points. Finding the best options for your fleet of trucks is as easy as knowing what you want and how many tools you need to store. If you are looking for a basic toolbox that is durable and affordable our Polymer toolboxes are worth checking out. These well-crafted toolboxes start off around $259 for a 25 pound, 24” box. Sizing and pricing go up from here to 36” and then 48”. (SEE HERE)

Aluminum Underbody Toolbox

If you’re totting around a lot of fancy tools an Aluminum underbody toolbox might be a good option for you. Price points are a little higher for this type of toolbox but you get added durability and security with a 3-point latch system as well as a full gutter design for improved seal. As price increases so does size, carrying capacity, and overall strength. Aluminum toolboxes are made to resist rust and other issues related to natural exposures out on the road. (SEE HERE)

The Pro Series Toolbox

Looking for an even tougher tow truck toolbox? Our Pro Series Tool Box is the best of the best and comes in a variety of sizes and styles, all of which are the most durable products out there. Each Pro Series Toolbox is built to withstand every type of wear and tear and is made in the USA with high quality aluminum.

The extra perks that come with this toolbox are truly unlimited. For instance, the door has a 400 pound rating, meaning you can use it as a stepping stool when the door is flapped open, which is a favorite feature among tow truck drivers. The Pro series toolbox is built to fit almost anywhere with its uniquely designed dimensions, made to take up as little space as possible while providing a surprising amount of interior storage. The shape of the toolbox is aerodynamic so that it does not negatively impact fuel efficiency. 

The Pro Series line comes in multiple sizes starting off at 36” and reaching all the way up to 70”. All of our high quality Pro Series boxes include pre-dilled holes that make it very easy to pop out the plastic plug and install the box where you need it on your truck. There are also pre-drilled holes for easy attachments such as trashcans, additional shelving, slide-in jack bracket and many of our other wrecker accessories that will make your life out on the road easier.  The Pro Series toolboxes require no drilling or measuring, everything is ready to go.

The positioning of the toolbox on the underbelly or side of your tow truck requires extreme durability; after all it will be exposed to a lot of dirt, water and many other elements. As a result this line of toolboxes is ready to stand up to the challenge with tons of reinforcements and specially applied hardware. The single door latch isn’t the only thing keeping out the weather; the box also has two internal rotary door strikers that keep the door sealed no matter what. If you make your living with your truck this is easily one of the best toolboxes out there. (SEE HERE)

Quick Mount For Truck Toolbox

You can install a Pro Series toolbox with our Quick Mount in less time than ever before. The Quick Mount is ideal for almost any truck with a standard series bed. The mount is built in a unique fashion that works for inboard or outboard tilt cylinders.  The actual mount is made from steel with Tuff Coat Black Finish for added durability. The mount leaves just the right amount of room to add an individual lumber basket for even more storage space. (SEE HERE)

If you are looking for a different type of mount we have that too, in fact we have a huge assortment of toolbox mounting options as well as toolboxes. Like all of our products, the Quick Mount and toolboxes described above are all made in the USA using the highest quality materials.

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