[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_text_separator title=”A Versatile Wheel Lift ” title_align=”separator_align_left”][vc_single_image image=”16308″ img_size=”full” css_animation=”appear”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Higher Standard Under Body – We used cutting-edge CAD technology to create the design to build the strongest, most versatile wheel lift on the market. Our team constructs each piece, by hand, to ensure solid construction and strength at all connections.  We have strategically reinforce areas that are known to have issues in other designs, to prevent weak spots from occurring.  We also strategically reinforce the truck frame before mounting the Lil Hercules wheel lift.  Lil’ Hercules comes as either standard “L” arm-wheel grid, or the self-loading Herc-O-Matic.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Herc-O-Matic – Our Herc-O-Matic is the self-loading version of the Lil Hercules Wheel Lift.  It features a 6-function control system, and automatic jaws for quick vehicle grab-and-go recovery.  A 15’ corded hand-held control comes standard with the Herc-O-Matic, or you can opt for the wireless remote controller.

Smarter Construction – Our Lil Hercules product line is the leader in underbody wheel lifts, showing up the competition at every turn. Despite its incredibly lightweight construction, our Lil Hercules boasts a 4,000lb lift capacity, 8,000lb towing capacity, 3,500lb extended capacity, and a 65’ reach capacity,  Our ultra-tough design allows for heavy duty workload from a lighter duty vehicle, without compromising the vehicle’s GVWR.   That saves time and money on spring or frame repairs down the road.

7Tougher Build – The Lil Hercules features a 12 volt pump with an 8 minute duty cycle (that’s 4 TIMES stronger than industry standard issue).  All of our pivot points are fabricated in-house, and constructed with our unique two-piece hexagonal nut-and-bolt design pin system, and our signature oil-infused bronze bushings.  These require less maintenance than other pivot point systems, because the bushings literally sweat oil. Our pivot points are the strongest on the market, and will never corrode and freeze up.  They last longer, require less maintenance, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  That means you spend your time on the road making money, instead of in the shop, paying for repairs.

Smarter Design – If you have a Lil Hercules or Herc O Matic installed on the back of your truck, you’ll enjoy our adjustable nut-and-bolt pivot pin.  Instead of the traditional construction of a one-piece 1018 steel pin for the pivot head on a wheel lift, we use a two-piece, heavy-duty hexagonal bolt that can be tightened into its nut.  That means not having to come into the shop and pay for service and replace that little pin every few years.  Instead, as it loosens, you can quickly and easily give it an adjustment, and carry on carrying on.

In Good Company – All of Detroit Wrecker Sales, signature products are built from scratch, right here, in our Detroit shop.  Our expert fabrication team make all the parts and pieces in-house, so we know it’s done right.  We use quality materials, and experienced welders, machinists and mechanics.  We can ship the Lil Hercules to you, or we can install it for you in our manufacturing and customer service facility.  We also carry extensive inventories of repair parts from ALL tow truck manufacturers.

Come check out our massive showroom, or if you’re not in the area, visit our online catalog.  For all your towing equipment needs, come to Detroit Wrecker Sales.  Call our Service Department for technical help, or stop by for some expert service or repair.

The Beginning – In 2011, Detroit Wrecker came out with a response to the market’s need for a new underbody wheel lift that eliminated the most common problems affecting repossession wheel lift operators.  The goal was to design an underbody wheel lift with a wide variety of improvements on the current industry standard design.  We wanted to create a wheel lift that was up to the challenge, a workhorse of a wheel lift that could stand up to any task, and perform under pressure.  The Lil Hercules is stronger, easier to maintain, and easier to operate than any other underbody wheel lift on the market.  At Detroit Wrecker, the mission is always to set the standard for the industry, in the level of quality control, craftsmanship, and structural finesse of the unit.

The Design – We created a product line designed to address and eliminate the common flaws associated with traditional underbody wheel lifts, and gave it a name reflective of its strength and durability.  The Lil Hercules series was born. Common flaws with traditional underbody wheel lifts include using thinner steel tubing for the construction of the unit, and skinny steel pins for the pivot points.  These two issues often lead to the unit sustaining damage from corrosion, or buckling under the pressure of trying to move more weight than it can support.

The Improvements – Detroit Wrecker’s Lil Hercules products are built using ¼ inch steel tubing, instead of industry standard 3/16 inch tubing.  That’s not enough for us.  We reinforce our steel tubing with another ¼ inch of steel reinforcement, for a ½ inch total thickness.  That’s three times thicker than the tubing on traditional wheel lifts.   Then we coat it with black powder coat to protect from corrosion. Like everything we build, our Lil Hercules products feature thick steel pins and our signature Bronze Oil-Lite bushings.  These bushings are infused with oil, so they need less frequent maintenance, and, with proper care, will last a lifetime.  Our Lil Hercules and Herc O Matic feature our adjustable nut-and-bolt pivot pin.  It’s a two-piece, heavy-duty hexagonal bolt that can be tightened into its nut, instead of the traditional one-piece 1018 steel pin construction.  What’s the difference?  Our model is easy for you to adjust, so as it loosens, you can easily adjust it, instead of having to bring it in for service or replacement.

The Controls – The Lil Hercules products have 4 & 6 function controls.  The Herc O Matic comes standard with a 15’ corded controller.  We also offer a wireless remote control.

The Result – Our Lil Hercules and Herc O Matic are stronger, tougher, and work harder, for longer, than any other wheel lifts on the market.  Their rugged design and structural reinforcement  gives them the power to handle whatever you need to tow.  You can watch a video of the Lil Hercules lifting another tow truck here. Lil Hercules owners worldwide are proud of their Detroit Wrecker products.  The level of effort in our original designs and manufactured products are unparalleled, and our customers confidently extend their satisfaction by spreading the word, and sending their friends to us for all their towing equipment and recovery needs, as well as service, repair, mods and improvements. We are the only towing equipment manufacturer that covers pins, bushings and craftsmanship with a Lifetime Warranty.  Our Lil Hercules designs will continue to evolve and improve to offer the best available options and solutions for customers worldwide.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]